Grow your customer database with SnapStand!

Your new marketing partner

Not only is SnapStand Photobooth a fun way to interact with customers, it will become your new marketing partner.

Set up SnapStand at your business with a fun backdrop. Each time a customer takes a photo with SnapStand, he or she enters a valid email address or phone number to receive the photo. At the end of your SnapStand rental, we provide you with a list of valid email addresses and phone numbers of everyone who sent themselves a photo. Because use of SnapStand is an automatic opt-in, you are free and clear to utilize that contact information for marketing purposes.

SnapStand grows your contact list in a real, measurable way.

Additionally, you can customize the email or text your customer receives to include a special message, discount or other marketing incentive.

The old way of gaining emails and phone numbers is outdated.

Email and text message marketing is still the number one method of reaching potential or existing customers. But acquiring that contact information can be extraordinarily difficult.

Purchasing email lists can run thousands of dollars, and typically results in a 30% accuracy rate. Factor in immediate unsubscribes, as well as most major email marketing platforms forbidding the use of purchased lists, and that list suddenly becomes obsolete. Plus, there’s no real guarantee that the addresses you’re getting match your target demographic.

And purchasing phone numbers has an even lower retention and accuracy rate.

But imagine if 80% of the people who walked by or entered your business provided you with one of those pieces of information in exchange for a photo of themselves. You would know:

  1. The contact information is legit.
  2. The individual has definitely heard of your business – he or she has entered it!
  3. The individual is geographically close to your business.

That’s what SnapStand gives you – a fun, engaging activity for your business that pays dividends post-event. Additionally, because the photos taken are branded with your logo, when they’re shared on social media, your business is shown to additional users.

Want help utilizing those email addresses and phone numbers after the fact? Our sister company, Here Molly Girl, can help!

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